Requests For Qualifications for Architectural Services



The Rockford School District is seeking qualified Architects to assist the District with planning and executing upcoming projects. The projects will include conceptual planning, design, CDE & DSA permitting and construction oversight on existing site for ADA compliance and renovation or modernization of existing buildings. All projects are subject to funding availability.


The District plans on conducting interviews August 16, 2018.


Responses to this RFQ must include the firm’s specific experience in the above areas. All Architect firms must have at least five (5) years of Division of State Architect school construction project experience; and must be familiar with the Department of Education facilities permitting processes.  Competing firms should have significant experience in dealing with small Districts.  In order to provide timely service, all competing firms must have offices within a eighty (80) mile radius of Porterville, California. Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises (DVBE) requirements will also apply.


The District will establish a ranked “pool” of successful Architectural Firms for immediate and upcoming future projects, including but not limited to demolition, new construction, modernization or renovation, ADA and relocatable projects.


As part of the selection process, the District requires the successful firms to utilize the District’s Architect Agreement. If you are interested please contact Caron Borba, Principal/Superintendent for a copy of the District’s Architect Agreement. Firms that do not agree to use the District Architect Agreement will not be considered.


Please mail five hard copies of your qualifications and fee schedule, of fewer than ten pages, by 3:00 pm on August 3, 2018 to Caron Borba, Principal/Superintendent, at 14983 Road 208, Porterville, California, 93257. Emailed Qualifications will not be accepted.


Questions regarding the RFQ can be e-mailed to